AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder

Your dog is a natural hunter, he likes using his paws and his nose to search for food. The AiKiou (pronounced "IQ") uses this idea, also known as behavioral enrichment to help him relieve anxiety and eat at a slower pace. It is recommended by behavioral specialists and the ASPCA. 

AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder is made of high quality human food grade plastic and can contain up to 3 cups of food (750ml); its unique design replicates how dogs eat in nature and promotes better digestion and weight loss. 

With it's 14 different compartments, your dog needs to use his paws and his senses like smell to find food hidden inside. With his nose and paws, he needs to turn the central wheel and move the blockers to solve the puzzle and gain access to his meal. 

You can increase the difficulty of your AiKiou Interactive Dog Feeder by reversing the toecaps and using elongated treats.