AiKiou Junior Interactive Dog Feeder

When you have a dog it can sometimes be difficult to make sure that they are getting the right amount of food. In addition, there are some dogs that simply eat too fast, which can cause digestive issues. The Junior Interactive dog feeder from AiKiou not only will slow your dog down during feeding, but will also provide him with entertainment. 

For dogs that simply cannot control themselves around their food bowl, the junior interactive dog feeder will simply make them take their time. This is perfect for preventing digestive problems and vomiting during meal times. The bowl can be used for regular food and with treats to provide your dog with entertainment as well as their nutrition. 

Some of the benefits of using the AiKiou Junior Interactive dog feeder are: 

- Reduces the speed of ingestion
- Promotes weight loss
- Replicates natural behaviors
- Helps reduce anxiety using play
- Aids in digestion
Provides your dog with a positive foraging experience 

The feeder is made out of sturdy plastic and is completely BPA free. Since dogs love to search and enjoy finding their own food, this bowl will provide them with that experience. The bowl makes them work a little harder for their food, which is something they actually desire.