Bio-X Shield Spray 100ml

Bio-X™ Shield is a series of environmentally friendly, ecologically balanced natural formula based on pine & lemon extracts as our active ingredient coupled with a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts as carrier and synergist. 

Bio-X™ Shield is a stabilized and long acting Disinfectant and effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Bio-X™ Shield is a true Deodorizer, it effectively removes the source of odor causing agent without masking the environment with artificial fragrance. 

Bio-X™ Shield is an insect control agent with multiple modes of activities such as repellency, antifeedant, insect growth regulation effects, ovicidal & larvicidal. 

Bio-X™ Shield is a Holistic approach to comprehensively protect you & your love one, without compromising on your health & the environment.