Bow Wow Salmon Jerky Dog Treats 150g

Bow Wow Salmon Jerky Dog Treats is high in Omega fatty acids that will give your dog a beautiful skin and coat. 

Benefits of Bow Wow Salmon Jerky Dog Treats:
Low fat, low salt, and low calorie product.
Good quality of protein for digestion and absorption.
Processed specially by sanitary equipments with careful selection of pure natural materials.
Reduce the smell of feces.
Additional Composite Amino Acids medicine for improvement of the function of the liver.
Additional soybean dietary fiber (a bean cake) that is good to make the function of pet dogs’ organs smooth.
Soft type of snack.

Salmon, Fish, Wheat, Soy Bean Dietary Fiber (bean cake), Composite Amino Acids etc. 

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (Min) ― 15%
Crude Fat (Min) ― 2.0%
Calcium (Min) ― 0.1%
Phosphorus (Max) ― 0.9%
Crude Ash (Max) ― 6.0%
Crude Fiber (Max) ― 5.0%