CatanDog's Anti Fleas & Ticks Metal Tag

natural solution designed to effectively control fleas, ticks and mosquito's while supporting your pet attaining optimum health and vitality using proven bio-energetic technology. 

It creates a natural and effective frequency barrier against the pests, and is activated as soon as it is removed from the foil pouch. Maximum effectiveness is achieved in 14–21 days. May take longer for young, elderly or sick pets. 

Every living creatures’ system, cell and molecule vibrates within a certain range of frequencies. Each of them has an ideal frequency, which is called the Harmonic Resonance Frequency (HRF). Pawtect helps your pet attain and maintain its HRF. 

Pawtect must remain with your pet at all times for it to be effective. 

Product Dimensions 
Small: Pets weighing 800g to 15kg 
Medium: Pets weighing 10 to 50kg