Hide & Seek Mint Knotted Bone Rawhide Dog Chews

The Mint Knotted Bone is a rawhide chew that fulfils your dog's desire to chew. 

It can provide hours of fun and pleasure to keep your dog occupied. 

This chew is shaped like a bone to increase its appeal to your dogs. 

It contains mint, which adds extra flavour to it as well as freshening your dog's breath. 

The Mint Knotted Bone can also controls tartar and plaque with the chewing action. 

Product Sizes
Small : 2-2.5" (16pcs)
Medium : 4-4.5" (5pcs)
Large : 6-6.5" (2pcs)
Extra Large : 8-8.5" (5pcs) 

Rawhide, Mint, Green Colour. 

Made in Thailand