Imperial Care Premium Clumping Cat Litter - Silver Ions 6L

Designed to make cats feel like royalty! 

IMPERIAL CARE® is a premium quality ultra compact clumping cat litter series of products, guaranteed to meet every possible demand of your cat. IMPERIAL CARE® forms quickly strong clumps, making it easier to maintain your cat’s tray fresh and clean and has very high absorption capacity (450%), therefore lasts much longer than regular cat litters. 

Discover the NEW IMPERIAL CARE® Silver Ions, an ultra compact clumping cat litter with a revolutionary antimicrobial formula that inhibits bacteria growth in the used litter for superior odour control. 

Imperial Care SILVER IONS is an ultra compact clumping cat litter treated with a unique antimicrobial agent that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. The active Silver Ions in Imperial Care attack the bacteria responsible for bad odours in the used cat litter and prevent their growth providing optimum and safe odour control. Imperial Care Silver Ions utilizes the long known bactericidal properties of silver to offer cats and their owners a much more hygienic environment.