Nutripe Via-Bio Probiotics for Dogs 15g

Nutripe Via-Bio Probiotics contains live and viable micro-organisms for microbial balance! 

Key Features of Via-Bio Probiotics
(1) Control yeast and yeast related rashes and skin problems.
(2) Maintain a healthy digestion.
(3) Treat and prevent diarrhoea and constipation in dogs.
(4) Eliminate smelly stools, bad-smelling gas and reduces excess gas.
(5) Reduce bad breath.
(6) Counteract the destructive side effects of antibiotic therapy.
(7) Prevent shedding and scratching caused by stress from digestive imbalances.
(8) Improves overall dog odour. 

Via-Bio Probiotics can be used:
(1) During and after antibiotic therapy.
(2) When exposed to environmental stress.
(3) During weaning.
(4) During diet changes.
(5) After deworming.
(6) For breeding animals to maintain appetite.