Nutripe Zephyr Lamb Chompy Dog Treats 100g

A lamb skips happily on the green pasture 
For fresh green grass they eat 

A dog skips happily on the kitchen floor 
For Lamb Chompy they eat

Feed your dog the Nutripe Lamb Chompy Dog Treats today! 

Unlike most dog treats, Nutripe Zephyr Natural Dog Treats are natural and contain no artifical flavoring, coloring, and preservatives. At Nutripe, we encourage owners to keep healthy pets therefore we produce our treats differently. Using strictly only free-range meat, Nutripe Zephyr Natural Dog Treats are the closest you can get to delicious, meaty perfection. Why settle for ordinary pet treats when your pet can experience extraordinary natural goodness?

All Nutripe Zephyr dog treats are air-dried to preserve its flavour and nutritional values so your dog can enjoy a wholesome treat! 

You can be guaranteed that you will be feeding your canine with something 100% safe, natural, delicious and nutritious! It doesn't get any better than that. 

Lamb Lungs 

Nutritional Analysis: 
Crude protein......76%min
Crude fat ..........11.5% min
Crude fiber........4% max
Moisture........5% max Weight of Packaging: 
100g (3.5oz)

Feeding Guidelines: 
This is intended as a treat only and should not be fed to replace a full meal. 

Country of Origin: 
Made in New Zealand