Stefanplast Food & Water Dispenser for Dogs & Cats 0.65L

The StefanPlast Feeder and Waterer for Pets provides your furry friend with a steady stream of food or water. There will be no need to fuss or forget to program your pet's meals as this plastic pet bowl uses a gravity feeding system to keep a fresh supply available.

Fill canister with food or water to the fill-line. Base snaps & twists right into the canister offering an easy gravity flow of food or water.

Gravity Feeder & Waterer features a 2-sided dispenser to offer flexibility for your pet's needs; 1 side is built for water, 1 side is built for food.

Pet feeder is made from BPA-free materials

Dishwasher safe, follow care instructions for best results

Product Capacity 

Country of Origin
Made in Italy