Virbac Epi-Soothe Oatmeal Creme Rinse & Conditioner 500ml

An aid in soothing and restoring itchy dry skin on dogs and cats. Also suitable for helping to maintain skin health in normal dogs and cats. Helps to maintain the barrier function of the skin. 

This conditioner is used after bathing your dog or cat with a good shampoo such as EPI-SOOTHE Shampoo. 

20% Colloidal Oatmeal - 196mg/mL 

Shake well before using. EPI-SOOTHE Cream Rinse and Conditioner should be used after first bathing the dog or cat. Wet the animal's coat thoroughly. 
Pour EPI-SOOTHE onto the animal's wetted coat. Gently massage thoroughly into the coat. 
Allow the cream rinse to remain on the hair coat for five (5) minutes. Lightly rinse with water. 
Since many allergic conditions manifest podiatrically, apply EPI-SOOTHE Rinse with one (1) pint of tepid water and pour over paw areas. 
Epi-Soothe Rinse and Conditioner can be used daily if required.